[Fr] Eli Verveine [bptchk! fanzine #03]

Pour annoncer la sortie de Boing Poum Tchak! en version fanzine papier, la suissesse (et ô combien talentueuse) Eli Verveine est venue nous donner un petit coup de main, en proposant un Rawmance mix house radieux et varié, entre sonorités raw (forcément), groove, mélancolie et deepness. Un set d’une heure entre hier et aujourd’hui, avec des disques refoulés par l’inconscient collectif et de savoureuses pépites cachées qui font leur effet. A déguster sans modération, en ambiance warm-up, ou en mode late late-night pour terminer tranquillement sa soirée.

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[En] Tactile Soul [bptchk! 008] + Interview

After a long time of very little inspiration, I believe that there is some great records being made at the moment, a lot of them are reminiscent of old detroit techno, which is the style that first caught my attention a long time ago. I think it is a very healthy time for techno production, so buying records is getting easier again.

Tactile Soul

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[En] Nicolas / Boing Poum Tchak! [bptchk! 007]

2008 is over and it was time for me to podcast the tracks I liked and played the most during the year. From jazzy house to more techy groove, in no way we can say electronic music was dead. The idea was to sum up a longer gig in a 90 minutes podcast. A deep intro building slowly into peak time house before a kind of breathing (Way Out West – Spaceman), to then going up again on more uplifting sound. In a nutshell, don’t expect a standard boring 4/4 dj mix, life is about vibes and contrasts, so is music !

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[En] Guest mix : Arne Weinberg [bptchk! 006]

Music should always come from the heart and soul, no matter what kind of music. And emotions don’t care if they are transported by old or new music. Music has to touch me, that’s most important.

Arne Weinberg

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[En] Guest mix : Break SL (philpot) [bptchk! 005]

Even if this word is overused nowadays, I would call my sound “deep”. As dj I like playing slow, I always try to make a journey with the audience, so I play Techno-House from Detroit to Chicago, Disco, Jazz, Dub and Hip-Hop. It always depends on the situation and the audience… But I always try to transfer the soul and the energy of this wonderful music.

Break SL

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[En] Guest mix : Quarion (drumpoet community) [bptchk! 004]

I selected my current favourites as well as a couple of personal classics. And I also had received some new fresh tunes from friends that I wanted to play. I’m always trying out an order before I record a mix, but then I just let it flow and improvise the selection while I’m DJing…


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Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Letters + Numbers [bptchk! 002]

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Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Behind a lovely thing [bptchk! 001]

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