[En] Guest mix : Quarion (drumpoet community) [bptchk! 004]

I selected my current favourites as well as a couple of personal classics. And I also had received some new fresh tunes from friends that I wanted to play. I’m always trying out an order before I record a mix, but then I just let it flow and improvise the selection while I’m DJing…


[Quarion – bptchk! 004]


Tracklist :

Art Bleek – Modern spaces (connaisseur)
Westpark – Unit Goin’ Steady (future classic)
Soultourist – Fo eva (drumpoet community)
Unknown/Three – 3.1 (slowhouse recordings)
Lee Jones – As you like it – Recloose remix (aus music)
Quarion – Vibrations (drumpoet community)
Milton Jackson – Randoms – Hiro remix (tronic soul)
Stephanie Cooke – Holding on to your love – Mood II Swing dub (king street)
Omar S – Psychotic photosynthesis (fxhe)
John Daly – Falling angels (plak)
Dachshund – Holiday now (perspectiv)

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