[En] Jason Fine [bptchk! 012]

Jason Fine - Boing Poum Tchak DJ mix 012

I gathered some old songs that i liked that seemed like they would  work well for remixing/playing around… along with some  of my own  from the Future thought album, and threw together a set in Ableton.

Jason Fine

[Jason Fine – bptchk! 012]


Tracklist :

Vangelis – Blade runner blues
African Rhythms – The sands of molopo
Curtis Mayfield – Something to believe in (Jason Fine edit)
Curtis Mayfield – You’re so good to me (Jason Fine edit)
Curtis Mayfield – Do do wap is strong in here (Jason Fine edit)
Curtis Mayfield – Tripping out (Jason Fine edit)
Michael Jackson – Off the wall (Jason Fine edit)
Earth Wind And Fire – I’ve had enough (Jason Fine edit)
Michael Jackson – Pretty young thing (Jason Fine edit)
Uptown Funk Empire – Good Time (Jason Fine edit)
Uptown Funk Empire – You’ve got to have freedom (Jason Fine edit)
Uptown Funk Empire – Boogie (Jason Fine edit)
Vangelis – Desolation path
Jason Fine – Chocolate
Jason Fine – Many to many
Jason Fine – Butterscotch
Jason Fine – Cinnamon
Jason Fine – Nutella

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4 thoughts on “[En] Jason Fine [bptchk! 012]

  1. great mix and edits. the vangelis intro is pure bliss…
    i like your audio tricks and trips all along the ride
    i’ll check out your other stuff
    keep on groovin’

  2. big up !!!
    great edits…good flow…happy,positive stufe…
    caribian feeling in leipzig at minus 15 degree…
    thx jason
    thx boingpoumtchak