Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Letters + Numbers [bptchk! 002]

[Pierre-Nicolas’ abc mix – bptchk! 002]


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Tracklist# :

01. Wechsel Garland – Mutes – Dj Koze’s broken cd mix (kalk pets)
“Abstract deep-house and jazzy with some experimentations. An excellent track to start in a very good mood. kalk pets, subdivision of karaoke kalk makes a very good job each time.”

02. Pantha Du Prince – Butterfly girl – Sten version (dial)
“Behind Sten we find Lawrence for a strange atmospheric and dance remix for an artist from his own label. Very powerful and fine.”

03. Iñaqui Marin – Automato (regular)
For me, certainly the best track of this year. A journey into deep things inside your mind from one of my favourite artist of the moment. Fantastico.”

04. Lee Van Dowski – The last bounce (num)
“French guy Lee Van Dowski goes out of his experimentations in order to deliver an original track very light at first sight, but strong with his claps and post-rocked guitars. Too far gone,and no way back…”

05. Luciano & Thomas Melchior – Father (cadenza)
“A kind of Frédéric Galliano / South America side. Long ethnic track, not just a dj-tool, it’s a non boring minimal track we can listen to from begining to end and put it again and again : the Luciano’s touch.”

06. Anders Ilar – Cookie and milk (defrag)

“A composer I like very much too. Here we can hear the darkest track of the mix. Minimal, complex, synthetic. Some of his old works are really, really nice too. Check them out !”

07. Anja Schneider – Lily of the valley (mobilee)
“Boss of mobilee records, she will output her first label compilation for September or October 2006. This track sounds like a probe from nowhere we can see on a green radar screen in a secret basement. Ready to discover what’s behind this mysterious signal ?”

08. Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Melodrama (ostwind)
“A good tune in the middle of the set. The song rise slowly but surely, it’s modern and… not optimistic. “Disconnect me”, a kind of definition of our modern society before the descent…”

09. Brothomstates – Matala bobo (warp records)
“Great great underground tune. Old track from 2003 on warp records. The vocals are sublim as the bass, as the ambiance, as… everything. Love it for a long time again !”

10. Alex Smoke – Never want to see you again – Slam remix (soma quality recordings)
“In my opinion, one thing lack each time in the Alex Smoke’s music for being very nice. But this remix give to the track a punchy danceable rhythm which makes the structure really stronger. Thanks to Slam, veteran and founder of the “re-born” soma label for his work.”

11. Thomas Schumacher – Red purple (spiel-zeug schallplatten)
“A track dedicated for the ends of dj-sets. Good music, but nothing to say about it !”

12. Arp Aubert – Actress feat. Jan Gazarra – Lawrence remix (mirau)

“Ahhhh ! Beautiful ! Lawrence again. If the orginal was intimist and really good, the remix is just great. Lawrence, one of the best electronic artist shows all of his talent. The mood brings you far away to an other and mysterious world. Once again an incredible track from a guy I respect so much.”

[Micky’s 123 mix – bptchk! 002]


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Tracklist# :

01. TV On The Radio – Don’t love you (touch and go)
“Band I recently discover. Slow song, but good for listening”

02. Bauchamp – Balançoire automatique (mental groove / fondation cma)
“Melancholic, slow music and not clichée. In a vein of Quiet Village’s productions”

03. Four Tet – High fives (domino)
“The break is rather nice, isn’t it ?”

04. Broken Social Scene – Finish your collapse and stay for breakfast (city slang)
“An interlude… Don’t go away, the mix is not over !”

05. Booka Shade – Hide & seek in geishas garden (get physical music)
“Weird track, with strange mood…”

06. Matias Aguayo – Drums & Feathers (kompakt)
“One of the best revelation and exhibition in 2006 with Rockness. A very good track”

07. Tekel – Mycose the night (initial cuts)
“For me, the best track of their album, which is really fuckin’ good”

08. Cosmo Vitelli – Delayer (i’m a cliché)
“Cosmo’s come- back with this electro-house and little bit disco track. The force is with you man”

09. The Soft Pink Truth – Out of step (soundslike)
“The bitch-track of the set”

10. Noze – C (circus company)
“French guys again. So terrible”

11. Heiko Voss – Spirale des seins (firm)
“An interlude which put you ill at ease”

12. Black Leotard Front – Casual friday (dfa)
“Having fun on DFA records !”

13. Padded Cell – Unknown zone (dc)
“This is a killing track, as the band”

14. Death In Vegas – Reigen (universal)
“One of my favourite band. Check out their excellent album “Satan’s circus”

15. Mu – Throwing up (output)
“Yep I know, it’s weird”

16. Frivolous – Out of beta (karloff)
“A house track a little bit deep with a beautiful melody to finish. Cute !”

2 thoughts on “Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Letters + Numbers [bptchk! 002]

  1. a great mix!! letters and numbers… just good!! :wink:
    méme s’il se fait vieux, il reste rempli de bons sons, toujours agréables a écouter!!!
    maintenant la suite!!! ;) :grin:

  2. Ah super ! Ca fait toujours plaisir !

    Oui effectivement ça fait un petit moment que cette rubrique attend son nouvel épisode… Pour bientôt promis :wink: