[En] Fast “dubstep” tracks

2562…..favela…..Stanton Warriors…..Foreign

After a very short night in London for the definitive closing of The End, I was lost and tired in the middle of Soho. It was a regular Sunday afternoon, rainy, sad, and depressing. I was walking blindly along the streets when I suddenly met the doors of Phonica, one of the best record shop out there. My feet guided me to this place without even noticing it, the call of black gold is nowhere stronger than in the City !

The situation was perfect : a nice and warm place, a gentle staff, no other customers than me, my head fully stashed with the music of the night and a huge vinyl wall. A quick chat later I was able to go behind the desk and pick the records I wanted. At this exact time I decided to focus only on dubstep releases. I’m buying house and techno records everyday but to find interesting dubsteppin’ sounds in Belgium is another story. After all, I was in London and this genre is a speciality here ! You don’t go in a Japanese restaurant to eat some ratatouille… Continue reading

[En] Nicolas / Boing Poum Tchak! [bptchk! 007]

2008 is over and it was time for me to podcast the tracks I liked and played the most during the year. From jazzy house to more techy groove, in no way we can say electronic music was dead. The idea was to sum up a longer gig in a 90 minutes podcast. A deep intro building slowly into peak time house before a kind of breathing (Way Out West – Spaceman), to then going up again on more uplifting sound. In a nutshell, don’t expect a standard boring 4/4 dj mix, life is about vibes and contrasts, so is music !

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[Fr] Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont – I was on my way to hell (circus company)

guillaume & the coutu dumont

Montréal, Canada. Le pays des élans est au centre du renouveau de la scène house avec Guillaume & The Coutu Dumont, l’un de ses protagonistes les plus affairés. Auteur de morceaux furieusement groovy, souvent jazzy, à l’hypnotisme latent et à la modernité imparable, c’est sur Circus Company qu’il délivre ses nouvelles productions au funk lourd teinté de gospel. Qui a dit que l’esprit de James Brown était mort ? Continue reading

[Fr] Luke Solomon – Demons (crosstown rebels)

luke solomon

Luke Solomon n’est pas un nouveau venu dans le monde des musiques électroniques. Moitié de Music For Freaks (aux côtés de Justin Harris) et producteur de quelques tracks mémorables sur le label Rekids, il signe son retour sur Crosstown Rebels qui, après un arrêt forcé pour cause de distributeur en faillite, revient lui aussi en force. Continue reading