[U] behind a lovely thing II [bptchk! 010]

[behind a lovely thing 2 – bptchk! 010]



I Westen – Hdr-remix by AG Penthouse feat. C&P (~scape)
II Lusine Icl – On the line (hymen)
III Tattamax – Cipher (skam)
IV Yasume – Wakare (miasmah)
V Arovane – Minth (city centre offices)
VI Del Wire – Tema del w. (nacopajaz’)
VII Climax Golden Twins – Hobbes theme (milan)
VIII 833-45 – 11075 khz (autoplate)
IX Boards of Canada – Powerline misfortune (music70)
X Bauri – Hertsi kort (sutemos)
XI Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players – It’s thunder (~scape)
XII Monolake – Ping (monolake / ICM)
XIII Ceptual – 1st shadow sweep (miasmah)
XIV Fennesz / Sakamoto – Mono (touch)
XV Twile – Spanish cruiser (autoplate)
XVI Ten and Tracer – We were as fruit a tamarind (rope swing cities)
XVII Milenasong – Love will appear (monika entreprise)

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2 thoughts on “[U] behind a lovely thing II [bptchk! 010]

  1. Joli track list!! Ça va faire du bien de se mettre ça dans les oreilles après le numéro 1.