Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Behind a lovely thing [bptchk! 001]

[behind a lovely thing – bptchk! 001]


Tracklist :

I Judith Juillerat – Le jour se leve dans cinq immenses secondes (shitkatapult)
II Arovane – Tides (city centre offices)
III Julien Neto – VI – feat. Keith Kenniff (type)
IV Goldmund – The one acre (type)
V Swod – Nein (city centre offices)
VI Kettel – Sorry but we don’t hear you (u-cover)
VII Biosphere – Birds fly by flapping their wings (touch / beatservice)
VIII Dictaphone – K1 (city centre offices)
XI Boards of Canada – Over the horizon radar (warp records)
X Untitled
XI Clickits – Audro (moteer)
XII Aphex Twin – Nannou (warp records)
XIII John Cage – Radio music (philips)
XIV Gel: – Elle l’aima jusqu’au jour où, victime d’une septicemie contractée au cours des pratiques secrètes.. (plop)
XV Pan American – Inside elevation (kranky)
XVI The Notwist – Scoop (domino)
XVII Tape – A spire – (häpna)

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One thought on “Boing Poum Tchak! mix – Behind a lovely thing [bptchk! 001]

  1. currently catching up with the mixes…
    this one is so wonderful ad timeless
    i like the way the tracks are not systematically mixed but selected so coherently
    keep on tchkn’