[En] Fast “dubstep” tracks

2562…..favela…..Stanton Warriors…..Foreign

After a very short night in London for the definitive closing of The End, I was lost and tired in the middle of Soho. It was a regular Sunday afternoon, rainy, sad, and depressing. I was walking blindly along the streets when I suddenly met the doors of Phonica, one of the best record shop out there. My feet guided me to this place without even noticing it, the call of black gold is nowhere stronger than in the City !

The situation was perfect : a nice and warm place, a gentle staff, no other customers than me, my head fully stashed with the music of the night and a huge vinyl wall. A quick chat later I was able to go behind the desk and pick the records I wanted. At this exact time I decided to focus only on dubstep releases. I’m buying house and techno records everyday but to find interesting dubsteppin’ sounds in Belgium is another story. After all, I was in London and this genre is a speciality here ! You don’t go in a Japanese restaurant to eat some ratatouille… Continue reading

[En] Tactile Soul [bptchk! 008] + Interview

After a long time of very little inspiration, I believe that there is some great records being made at the moment, a lot of them are reminiscent of old detroit techno, which is the style that first caught my attention a long time ago. I think it is a very healthy time for techno production, so buying records is getting easier again.

Tactile Soul

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[En] Nicolas / Boing Poum Tchak! [bptchk! 007]

2008 is over and it was time for me to podcast the tracks I liked and played the most during the year. From jazzy house to more techy groove, in no way we can say electronic music was dead. The idea was to sum up a longer gig in a 90 minutes podcast. A deep intro building slowly into peak time house before a kind of breathing (Way Out West – Spaceman), to then going up again on more uplifting sound. In a nutshell, don’t expect a standard boring 4/4 dj mix, life is about vibes and contrasts, so is music !

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[Fr] Boing Poum Tchak! présente Meakusma (label / évènements)


Samedi 13 décembre aura lieu à Bruxelles une énorme soirée organisée par l’association Meakusma qui regroupe passionnés de musiques électroniques, défricheurs de haut-vol et djs. Petite présentation de leur festival, ainsi que de leur jeune label qui vient de sortir trois mini-compilations sur lesquelles on retrouve Roger 23, Even Tuell, Vakula, Terrence Dixon ou encore Move D & Benjamin Brunn. Continue reading

[En] Dinky talks about her worst concert ever on XLR8R magazine

dinky by lars borges

Chilean berlin-based dj and producer Dinky talks to XLR8R magazine, and told her worst live show experience. But be careful ! Don’t read this if you are a sensible vinyl collector :-).

Worst live show experience?

I was lucky with my live sets, but as a DJ I had a couple of bad [incidents] the first time I was booked abroad in the Dominican Republic, in 1998. It was my second gig and my records were full of dust after the first [set] at the beach. I asked someone if they had window cleaner fluid to clean my records (which works wonders, by the way). They told me, ‘don’t worry, go get ready and we will clean the records for you.’ Instead of cleaning them with normal window fluid–which is not abrasive–they found an abrasive foam which destroyed 70 percent of my records!

I didn’t realize [this] until I started playing. There was no groove left on any of them and they all were sliding off the needle, making this horrible sound. I had to stop after 10 minutes and didn’t get paid. I was more devastated because of the loss of some really good gems than I was from the gig or the money.

Read the whole interview here

[En] Interview : Arne Weinberg

arne weinberg interview

Arne Weinberg is that kind of artists who prefer developing their own melodic retro-techno sound, rather than following any trends. Since 2001, he has released his music on labels like Styrax, Matrix, Echocord Colour, Down Low Music, and AW, his own label. Here, he explains the philosophy of his music, why he decided to move from Germany to Glasgow, and if one day, neo-detroit techno could become the next hype. Continue reading

[En] Grit delivers his first ep for free (deep / dub-techno)


Dub-Techno newcomer Grit is giving for free his first ep on the Italian Rohs! netlabel. After releasing tracks for Cism and the defunct Pronounce, and before a cd on Quantec’s label (Shoreless) this artist from London presents 5 cool deep dub-techno ambiant tracks you can download here.

Best tracks : Deimos & Sanctuary (For Sen)



Grit’s myspace page

[En] David Brown @ Social club (videos)

david brown

Yesterday there was a !K7 night at the Social club in Paris, with David Brown from Swayzak, Joakim, and Ed Isar (from Get the curse for the warm-up). Here on Boing Poum Tchak! you know, dear readers, that we have a special affection for Swayzak, and we could not forget to take the cam recorder to bring you some tasty moments of David’s set. It’s just about two videos and 30 minutes of really cool sound. Check this out ! Continue reading

[En] Interview : Marcel Dettmann (berghain club / ostgut töntrager / mdr / berlin)

marcel dettmann osgut berghain

You can’t speak about the Techno sound of 2008 without mentioning berliner Marcel Dettmann and his purist, strong and open-minded approach. Dj, producer, remixer for Ellen Allien, Deetron, Len Faki, Modeselektor, seller in the famous Hardwax record-shop, he has released a modern, solid and fresh techno mix on the OstGut Ton label, related with the Berghain club where he’s resident since its openning in 2004. With no doubt, one of the most important personality of the scene this year. Continue reading

[En] Interview : Break SL (philpot)

break sl philpot

2 is a good number for german newcomer Sebastian Lohse aka Break SL. He’s only 22, and has released 2 12″ on Philpot, which have both received nice reviews and feedbacks. Sebastian is also Dj, and after having cooked a delicious slow deep&groovy house mix for Boing Poum Tchak!, it’s time to know a bit more about him and his debut album planned in 2009. Continue reading

[En] Guest mix : Break SL (philpot) [bptchk! 005]

Even if this word is overused nowadays, I would call my sound “deep”. As dj I like playing slow, I always try to make a journey with the audience, so I play Techno-House from Detroit to Chicago, Disco, Jazz, Dub and Hip-Hop. It always depends on the situation and the audience… But I always try to transfer the soul and the energy of this wonderful music.

Break SL

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[En] Aphex Twin – Dj set + Videos @ Coachella 08

aphex twin live dj set coachella 2008

Aphex Twin in the light ? Playing a track of Gregor Tresher ? Posing with people who are taking pictures ? Well ! This is the magic of the Coachella festival in California. The Mozart of electronic music has played a dj set (from Run DMC, LFO, Public Enemy to Hardcore and Drill’n’bass records), there in April 2008. A great time from one of the most secret artist on the planet. Continue reading