[Fr] Quantec – Distant space part 2 (meanwhile)

quantec - distante space part 2

Depuis un an, le genre dub-techno retrouve ses lettres de noblesse grâce à une nouvelle génération de producteurs qui ne se contentent plus d’ (essayer de) copier l’éternelle référence Basic Channel. Quantec, en quelque sorte chef de file du mouvement, revient sur la petite structure anglaise Meanwhile pour son meilleur shot de l’année, effaçant un peu la déception de son premier album sorti il y a quelques mois sur Echocord. Continue reading

[En] Severence radio mix


Severence is one of the newcomers of the new ambiant/deep/dub techno scene. For the moment he has released only one track on the Quantec’s imprint Shoreless, but we are already looking for more music from this 30 year old spanish guy. Sometimes he plays records for some radios in Spain and on Internet. His last mix is about 100 minutes of good waves featuring great artists and labels like Styrax, Echospace, Bvdub, Quantec, Echocord, Sven Weisemann, Atheus, Kit Clayton, Havantepe… Continue reading

[En] Interview : Bvdub (Quietus Recordings / Styrax Records)

Brock Van Wey alias Bvdub has launched in december 2007 a very intimate label about ambiant and deep mind elevations. Based in San Francisco, Quietus only delivers 100 hand-made cd-r copies for each releases, including artists like Brock himself, Quantec and Remote_. A very talented crew who has already signed amazing stuff for the highly respected Styrax label. Here, Brock talks about his music, the story of Quietus and its releases, the mp3 vs the cd-r distribution, why it’s so important for him to produce hand-made cd-r’s, and the unexpected reactions of the listeners of Quietus. Far away from the techno (or the “minimal”) star-system, all the things you are going to read tends to suggest this guy is just a true music-lover. Continue reading