[En] David Brown @ Social club (videos)

david brown

Yesterday there was a !K7 night at the Social club in Paris, with David Brown from Swayzak, Joakim, and Ed Isar (from Get the curse for the warm-up). Here on Boing Poum Tchak! you know, dear readers, that we have a special affection for Swayzak, and we could not forget to take the cam recorder to bring you some tasty moments of David’s set. It’s just about two videos and 30 minutes of really cool sound. Check this out ! Continue reading

[En] Interview – David Brown (Swayzak / 240 volts / !K7 / Serieculture)

David Brown Swayzak 240 Volts Serieculture !K7

David Brown is one of the two guys (with James Taylor) who’s running Swayzak since ten years now. After fantastic albums as the incredible minimal dubby tech-house Snowboarding in argentina (1998), the 80’s vocal-pop Himawari (2000), the big electroclashed Dirty dancing (in tribute to Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing movie ;-), and the last one Some other country, David Brown is launching a new label with the dj and friend Roger 23 named Serieculture. We know all that the Swayzak’s lives are always amazing and improvised, but we know less about the dj-side, even if they have released two fantastic cd-mixes for Fabric and Goovetechnology in the past few years. So, here we go for a dj interview. Continue reading