[En] Grit delivers his first ep for free (deep / dub-techno)


Dub-Techno newcomer Grit is giving for free his first ep on the Italian Rohs! netlabel. After releasing tracks for Cism and the defunct Pronounce, and before a cd on Quantec’s label (Shoreless) this artist from London presents 5 cool deep dub-techno ambiant tracks you can download here.

Best tracks : Deimos & Sanctuary (For Sen)



[En] 4 records from netlabels

4 records 4 free

Welcome to the jungle of the netlabels ! Damned, there are too many ! The fact is, that’s so easy now to buy or use cracked softwares, play some shits in few minutes that make you think you are the new Radioslave, and less than one hour for uploading your crappy “work” into the world’s face. That’s the problem with 98 % of the netlabels nowadays. And it’s discouraging people who only want to find good vibes. It’s the Youtube generation, where everybody can make anything (interesting or not), and upload it to tell to the world “hey look at my dumbass face, dude”. Everybody wants (to be) a piece of this globalized cake… Continue reading