[En] Playlist Poum Tchak! (down-tempo) Sept 08


Down-tempo selection for the end of this month, with some free tracks to catch. Enjoy…….


Endlos – Hast du viele hast du keine (one bit wonder)

One year old post-rock electronic live take, but still good and strong ! You can download it with the whole ep at the One bit wonder netlabel.

morgan geist

Morgan Geist – City of smoke and flames (envrion / pias)

Half of Metro Area, Morgan Geist gives an album which is not as stlysh as his works with Darshan Jesrani, and sometimes the voice of Jeremy Greenspan (which appears on 3, 4 tracks) don’t work very well. But few songs are very cool like this one.


Bvdub – The road home (quietus)

Dive in a deep dream with Bvdub, an artist you certainly know if you read from time to time Boing Poum Tchak!. His new release Return to tonglu is as always exceptional, with cute, sad and nostalgic atmospheres. Close your eyes, and let the music bring you far away.


Deadbeat – Rise again (wagon repair)

The last similar electronic dub tracks I heard this year was Fenin’s album on Shitkatapult. Rise again is an excellent vocal dub ouverture, and probably one of the best track of the album too.


Shed – Waved mind (ostgut ton)

Ok it seems that everybody like the album (is there not a little part of trendiness because of Ostgut Ton hum ?). Well, Shedding the past is a bit repetitive for me, and don’t delivers the real potential of Shed (in my opinon). But the interludes and beatless tracks are quite good electronica-ambiant pieces so… I’m waiting for his next works now.


Tanox – Autsaidnait (pueblo nuevo)

An unknown guy, from an unknown place. Ok not exactly, what we know is that it’s a Spanish guy, and this is his first release (for the Chilian netlabel Pueblo Nuevo). The rest of the story, I let you find out by yourself by listening to this track… and oh you can download the whole e-ep (Edit 2022 – Link doesn’t exist anymore)


Milieu – Slumber notes (rope swing cities)

Somewhere between Biosphere and Boards of Canada’s weird tapes, there is Milieu, a mysterious producer you will better know very soon on Boing Poum Tchak!…

andy stott

Andy Stott – See in me (modern love)

From Andy Stott’s recent compilation of his own tracks (read the review here), See in me is a perfect electronic low-dub introspection. One of his best tracks, for lonely souls only…

boards of canada

Boards of Canada – Powerline misfortune (unreleased)

Lost track from Boards of Canada. No date, never released, just raise the volume and enjoy the strengh of this simple one minute melody. You can also download it here.

nicolas bernier

Nicolas Bernier – Ouverture (no type)

Good experimental sound-track of the Fall from Quebec boy Nicolas Bernier. This album has a very nice presentation with cards which symbolize each song. Ouverture is a beautiful track with intimate strings : perfect for closing this playlist.

3 thoughts on “[En] Playlist Poum Tchak! (down-tempo) Sept 08

  1. can’t agree on shed. i first heard it a while ago before all the hype and my instant reaction was definitely one of the best records of 2008. he is brave in pushing a concept, and he manages to pull it off.

  2. Hello Chris, yeah finally for the first time we have not the same feeling for a thing :albert: I didn’t say that Shed make a fashion album, I am just wondering about all the people who “like” it, and sometimes you can be suspicious about their comments, because Ostgut Ton is now a big (underground) thing. But maybe I am wrong, it’s maybe a great album I didn’t understand. I don’t feel it, even if I like very much his recent remix for Substance, and Warped mind you unfortunately don’t find here.

    But I have only listened to the cd version. I think the vinyl has different versions. What version are you talking about ?