[En] 3 great video clips (Drexciya / Minilogue / Swayzak)

Minilogue – Hitchhikers choice

Wao… THIS is a really exciting thing. No complex FXs or a lot of money spent here. A bit of talent and some ideas are enough. There are so many drawings that you can view this clip many times, you’ll always see things you didn’t pay attention before. Endless fun which can remind the D.A.N.C.E. video clip of Justice.

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[Fr] Interview : Remote (kill the dj)

Remote kill the dj

Cette semaine est (enfin) sorti le premier album du duo français Remote. Boing Poum Tchak! les avait déjà suivi pour leur premier live au Pulp, ainsi que pour leur premier maxi Get a real job, il était donc logique de revenir vers eux pour leur premier long-format sur Kill the dj : la petite bombe dark italo / electro techno moderne Dark enough. Décryptage en règle des dix hits underground potentiels par Seb Fouble et Eric Guillanton, pour qui “la musique électronique n’est [décidément] pas faite pour les spotlights”. Continue reading

[En] The Tuss – Rushup I bank 12 video (rephlex)

The music of this video clip is taken from one of the best – and mysterious – album of 2007 : Rushup edge by The Tuss on the rephlex label. A lot of words have been written about the identity of The Tuss. First, everybody thought The Tuss was Brian Tregaskin, a never-heard-about-him guy, new gifted composer on the prestigious rephlex roster. Maybe too much talented… Continue reading

[En] Swayzak – 10 years @ Rex Club

October 20th. English duet Swayzak was celebrating their ten years of collaboration at Rex Club, Paris, and also their last album Some Other Country (!K7).

After a great groovy deep / dub (with some little dark oddities) warm-up by Roger 23, and the short concert of Richard Davis, David Brown & James Taylor finally came to the stage. So, what was going on? Just two sweet hours of laptop-live, as usually totally improvised, with some vocal tracks sung by their old friend Richard Davis (Another way back, No sad goodbyes…). Then, Roger and all the crew played nice records until 6 am. A really good night!

[Fr] Interview : Dondolo (tiny sticks / la bulle sonore)

A 32 ans, Romain Guerret alias Dondolo sort Dondolïsme…, un premier album electro-pop varié et décalé. Petit débrief avec LA prochaine star (tendance Katerine, Jacno, Gotainer) autour de sa musique, des spams sur Myspace, du futurisme de Kraftwerk, et de la série Plus belle la vie. Continue reading