[En] 3 great video clips (Drexciya / Minilogue / Swayzak)

Minilogue – Hitchhikers choice

Wao… THIS is a really exciting thing. No complex FXs or a lot of money spent here. A bit of talent and some ideas are enough. There are so many drawings that you can view this clip many times, you’ll always see things you didn’t pay attention before. Endless fun which can remind the D.A.N.C.E. video clip of Justice.


Drexciya – Depressurization

The deepest video clip ever from one of the most mysterious crew of electronic music. The sound and the images match perfectly here. We’re discovering the bottom of the sea, like if it was an exploration on an other planet. The scuba diver who use the giant tortule as a proposulsor is amazing too ! True classic.

Swayzak – Speedboat

The eternal tune from the english masters in a black and white late night trip. The video use VJing technique (loops, fast transitions, lot of short clips…) that let a really interesting psychedelic belief in your mind. A remarkable techno video clip, but too short !! Guys if you read this, upload the unedited version please…

3 thoughts on “[En] 3 great video clips (Drexciya / Minilogue / Swayzak)

  1. great vids, especially the drexciya one, really helps put the aqua feel to their music in context,,,,thanks