[En] The Tuss – Rushup I bank 12 video (rephlex)

The music of this video clip is taken from one of the best – and mysterious – album of 2007 : Rushup edge by The Tuss on the rephlex label. A lot of words have been written about the identity of The Tuss. First, everybody thought The Tuss was Brian Tregaskin, a never-heard-about-him guy, new gifted composer on the prestigious rephlex roster. Maybe too much talented… Some elements picked up by well informed fans, tend to prove that this guy used a GX1 synth, really particular, (only few persons on the planet got one): and surprise, it’s one of the Aphex Twin‘s favorite instrument. Secondo, his technical and skills are so remarkable that it was really strange that a guy from nowhere could compose a so-great music, with very similar sounds to the Analord series (AFX latest known releases). Moreover, “The Tuss” is Cornish slang (which means “erection”), the place where Richard D. James grew up and still live.

So who is The Tuss ? Any idea ?

After a lot of rumors on forums, blogs, youtube (…), an article published in the Guardian during the summer 07, many people are convinced that The Tuss is Aphex Twin himself (maybe featured by some other guys from rephlex) but who really cares ? The music is awsome, fresh, the sounds are great, and the ensemble just amazing. One of the top albums in 2007.

Here, you can watch the charming video clip of Rushup I bank 12, taken from an old 80-70’s documentary about young skateboarders. The mix between the video and the music is fluid and give some very special feelings to the track (or vice versa).

You can also check out some unreleased tracks from “The Tuss” on his myspace page, and especially the first track, Teddie oggy, which will blow up your mind for some night and days…


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