[En] Interview : Newworldaquarium (NWAQ / delsin)

The guy you’re watching overhead with the strange mexican hat is Jochem Peteri, well known for the international electronic scene under Newworldaquarium. Liked for his unexpected slow-dance groovy tracks, after released 12″ for planet e, peacefrog, or delsin, he plans to release in March the cd version (with bonus tracks) of the acclaimed vinyl-album “The dead bears” few months ago. Let’s try to uncover the secrets of a very talented but so discreet artist from Amsterdam. Our ears are wild open… Continue reading

[En] The Tuss – Rushup I bank 12 video (rephlex)


The music of this video clip is taken from one of the best – and mysterious – album of 2007 : Rushup edge by The Tuss on the rephlex label. A lot of words have been written about the identity of The Tuss. First, everybody thought The Tuss was Brian Tregaskin, a never-heard-about-him guy, new gifted composer on the prestigious rephlex roster. Maybe too much talented… Continue reading

[Fr] STL – Night grooves (something)

Groovy STyLe

Derrière STL se cache le très discret Stephan Laubner, fidèle du label perlon. Pour rappel on lui doit en 2000 l’un des peaks du catalogue : le coup de maître Portside waves et ses incroyables tourbillons marins, repris sur la compilation Groovetechnology de Swayzak, et décortiqué au scalpel dans le mille-feuille minimal DE9 de Richtie Hawtin. Après ce premier morceau, Stephan était presque retombé dans l’anonymat, ne sortant en moyenne qu’une poignée de titres tous les 3 ans sur perlon. Continue reading