[Fr] Vince Watson – Ethereal (delsin)

Vince Watson Ethereal

Voilà de la techno comme on aimerait en entendre plus souvent !

Après ses mésaventures avec F Communications (lire l’article ici), on ne sait pas encore chez qui sortira le nouvel album de Vince Watson. Pour le moment c’est Delsin qui prend la relève en nous présentant un incroyable maxi naviguant entre deep-techno magistrale (Ethereal en face a) et musique répétitive à la Steve Reich (Spores en face b). Continue reading

[En] Interview : Orphanear records (Pawel / Turner’s label)

Orphanear records / Pawel / Turner’

Paul Kominek is one of the three founders of the highly respected Dial records. You probably have let your mind waking on his romantic and intimate music, recorded under his Pawel and Turner monikers. During the summer 2007, he has launched his own label named Orphanear. After only three releases, and many good feedbacks from dj’s like Laurent Garnier, Chloé, Josh Wink, he tells for Boing Poum Tchak! the story of this young label and announces the forthcoming new artist on Orphanear, the talented and mysterious Christian Löffler…

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