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David Brown Swayzak 240 Volts Serieculture !K7

David Brown is one of the two guys (with James Taylor) who’s running Swayzak since ten years now. After fantastic albums as the incredible minimal dubby tech-house Snowboarding in argentina (1998), the 80’s vocal-pop Himawari (2000), the big electroclashed Dirty dancing (in tribute to Patrick Swayze’s Dirty Dancing movie ;-), and the last one Some other country, David Brown is launching a new label with the dj and friend Roger 23 named Serieculture. We know all that the Swayzak’s lives are always amazing and improvised, but we know less about the dj-side, even if they have released two fantastic cd-mixes for Fabric and Goovetechnology in the past few years. So, here we go for a dj interview.

How many records do you buy each months ?

Usually around £100 a month I spend on vinyl, that’s 2 or 3 trips to Phonica, Rough Trade and Selectadisc… But I don’t dj that much so I should not buy so many… But I do cos I enjoy the listening !

Do you receive a lot of promo-copies ?

No I don’t ask for them. I used to get more but now it’s mainly digital promos and that just doesn’t turn me on ! I prefer to buy if i like it… That way we support the artist and the store. I hate djs who don’t support the artist and download from filesharing sites. They are killing the music scene by their greed ! If you are being paid to play then you should repay. It’s karma !

I met Steve Bug one day in Berlin and I thought perhaps he plays digitally now, but he said every Wednesday he goes to buy vinyl. Thats cool ! I was very happy… Too many djs playing digital ! I even been in clubs where they don’t have turntables !!!

Your favorite place to buy records ?

Actually it’s Rough Trade. I been going there for err nearly 20 years (since i was 5 – honest) and they often have records that Phonica doesn’t get… Phonica is good also. Selectadisc quite good, and sounds of the universe quite cool music but miserable staff :-), I walk out of shops sometimes if they piss me off. But it’s hard cos I expect a good service, these people are needing customers. But sometimes they are so rude !!!

Maybe do you buy records when you’re in tour around the world ?

Yes best place is Amoeba, San Francisco : huge record store next to golden gate park ! I love it in San Francisco… Roger 23 and I found a great store in Chicago, and hour out in the suburbs and they had amazing old house records all for 50 cents !!!!! I bought Jeff Mills rare house project servo unique for 50 cents. Its selling for 100 euros on discogs :-). Also in Italy we like to check out the italo disco stores.

The better places in the world to play as dj ?

Sub Club (Glasgow) – Always mad crowds there ! Home town but they don’t know I’m scottish :-).
Babylon (Istanbul) – Been one of our favourite places to dj for last few years. Really cool people, amazing city ! Great fun.
Unit (Tokyo) – Japanese are mad ! They are saiko ! James (Taylor) and I played 4 hours live and djed first time there.
Fukui – Even more saiko… than Tokyo. People screaming !
Basso (Berlin) – As I guess it’s the most cool place in the universe, totally underground illegal vibe, bad broken turntables and mixer, lame sound but great beer and great people ! The cops come and they go again. A proper party !
Watergate (Berlin) – Always mayhem.

What are the genres you like to play at this time ?

Lots of dub techno and meenimal, italo disco, 80s pop and old school deep house, deep techno, dub, dubstep, step dub, ragga, dancehall, ambient, and err spandau ballet !

For mixing : rather cds or vinyls ?

I am not a brilliant mixer of vinyl, but I like to play this over cd as it feels and sounds better. Cds are too harsh, too painful to hear in a club. Once we were in Fabric and the dj was playing cds so loud I felt sick, it was like torture… My teeth were shaking :-(.

Do you plan to release another mix-cd soon ? Following the amazing Fabric mix and Groovetechnology ?

Yes we would like to, perhaps we will make our own one, more underground. But people don’t buy so much anymore, so it’s best to give it as a download. It’s strange Fabric cd is more famous than our own albums ? But thats cool we put LCD Soundsytem on there before they were famous !!!! Check out the first track we play – Negativland “Michael jackson” over a techno track. 3 years later MYLO does the same and it’s a hit record but he calls it his own track… and makes $$$ . hmmmmmmmm

What are your plans for 2008 ?

Enjoy summer, make some hits, buy some new monitors, play in Paris, get a job, get a life, star in a movie :-)… and launching a new label from myself and roger 23 named Serieculture :

We working on first release of 500 copies right now ! Some new artists coming through, and we want to make each release 3 or 4 different artists. Some french kid on the first 12″… The release date is not final yet but should be finalized shortly ! We are also re-issuing our first album “Snowboarding in argentina”. Due august I think :-).

You can also check out his playlist here

Or his live set with James Taylor and Richard Davis at the Rex Club (video) here

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