[En] Playlist Poum Tchak! – April 08

Playlist Poum Tchak! - April 08

Remote – Dark enough (kill the dj)

Killer album from the french duet Remote, Dark enough will hit the world at the end of April. Modern dark italo / electro techno at its best, I know this one will take a good place at my 2008 top albums. You’re currently listening to the “Bullit” track which I like the most with the amazing tune “Teaser” and “Sinister boogie” (both released previously).

Christian Löffler – Rush (orphanear)

New artist from Pawel’s new label Orphanear (check out the interview with him here). Close to the Dial sound (delicate, dreamy and romantic mood, minimal bass wich reminds some Sten’s stuff…) but with his personnal touch. Grave and light, Rush is my favorite of this 12″.

Anders Ilar – Rare island (shitkatapult)

Boo… Ambiant track from one of my fav producers. Rare island is an extract from a previous album (Everdom / 2003). You take a train in Tokyo for a journey with no possibility of return. Apocalyptic mood close to the heaven between Akira and Evangelion. Too deep.

Dapayk Solo – 50mann50hz (unfoundsound)

Minimal, dubby, and light. Like the jumps of a young goat frolicing in a rich green pasture of good weed. Download it for free here

Osborne – Ruling (spectral sound)

Yeaah quality deep-vocal-house is back with this track. His eponimous album is a bit cheesy (despite some not-so-bad parts), but this song makes the difference. It ruuuules.

Fenin – Colourfields (shitkatapult)

Shitkatapult again, and dub again, sorry :-). Nice album from Fenin (seen on Echocord), especially the tracks sung by Gorbi, with this touch of soft melancholy / nostalgia about the unforgettable dub-land area. Relaxing.

Portishead – Hunter (Barclay)

No more trip-hop. I don’t know if I will like this “third” album one day. Maybe I need to listen to it again and again, but one thing is sure, there is no more this magical feeling which bring you immediately 20 000 under leagues just after listening only few seconds of a song. Except for two of them : “Plastic” and “Hunter”.

Polar – Lectric – John Tejada remix (unreleased)

Sound a bit dated, a bit speed (it was recorded in 2002) but I like it. It’s pumpin’ but not too much, deep, with a nostalgic touch. One word to say that the new album of John titled “Where” will be released in May, and will be marked as Palette Recordings 50th.

Quince – Expanding (delsin)

Really cool late-night track from Netherlander Quince. As usual he delivers a fresh, melodic and very progressive techno with great synth-textures and lovely vibes. Spreads good feelings like a Carl Craig tune. Good job !

Boys Noize – Lava lava – Feadz remix (boys noize)

Makes me think of some works from Smith n Hack on disco loops. I’m not really into the Ed Banger / Institubes / Kitsuné… vein, but french dj Feadz is one of guys I like to listen (with Boys Noize, D.I.M…) as dirty sweeties you allow yourself to buy from time to time. Here his cuts are really mad (amazing work !), and produce an epileptic funky and dance vibe from the scratch to the end of the track. For your health, don’t listen to it too much.

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