[En] Guest mix : Break SL (philpot) [bptchk! 005]

July 1st, 2008 by Pierre-Nicolas Mader

break sl philpot

Even if this word is overused nowadays, I would call my sound “deep”. As dj I like playing slow, I always try to make a journey with the audience, so I play Techno-House from Detroit to Chicago, Disco, Jazz, Dub and Hip-Hop. It always depends on the situation and the audience… But I always try to transfer the soul and the energy of this wonderful music.

Break SL

[Break SL- bptchk! 005]


Tracklist :

Madteo – Room 1 (morphine)
Kassem Mosse – B1 (workshop)
Iken – Close range (real soon)
Theo Parrish – You forgot (sound signature)
Heiko Laux – Ornamented licks (kanzleramt)
Unknown Artist– Skit (firecracker)
Move D – Crashed jazz  (uzuri)
Kern – Night train (myspace.com/DKKERN)
Tin Man – Falling acid (key of life)
Jackmate – Male kicks (philpot)
Brothers’ Vibe – BV anthem (deep vibes)
Break SL – Witness (philpot)
Master C & J – In The city – Devil mix (trax)
Kai Alcé – Sa K’ Pase (track mode)
Newworldaquarium – Kirana’s lament (nwaq)
Osborne – Ruling (spectral sound)
Frank West – Keep it coming (sin & soul)
Instinct – Just a feeling (decisive)
Jason Fine – Midwest a (fxhe)
Aroy Dee – Glow (m>o>s)

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  1. Jimmy

    any download link for this one?

  2. Pierre-Nicolas

    Yep, I had forgotten it. Thanks for your mess man :cool:

  3. dimitri

    un mix d’une très très grande qualité

  4. Jimmy


  5. hoopa

    well done !

  6. chrisdisco

    very nice. we were thinking about getting him for a ssg mix but you beat us to him. good job!

  7. Pierre-Nicolas


  8. kuri

    hot mix. not that familiar with his productions but this shows great taste in the ‘deep’ side of the dance music spectrum.

  9. Sic

    love his mixes :!:

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