[En] Interview : Jason Fine (kontra musik / FXHE)

I found on my old computer a mini-interview I did with Jason Fine few months ago (and never published), when he was releasing his second album Future thought on the Swedish quality label Kontra Musik. I think it’s the right moment to upload it to know a bit more about this secret artist, with the output March 17th of the Future thought remixed ep by Ben Klock and the amazing Oni Ayhun.

Who are you Jason ? Why are you so secret ?

Just a guy from Michigan who likes to make weird electronic music. I’m not intentionally secret, I just don’t boast and push myself towards people. My day job is web programming so when I’m not working I tend to avoid things like web-based social networking.

You have released your first EP on FHXE. How have you been in touch with Omar S. ?

Thru email and phone. I’m a real slacker when it comes to motivating to take a trip down to Detroit (I live about 4 hours north, actually). We have a business relationship beyond label-artist : I actually maintain the FXHE web site.

And what did you learn with that experience ?

That he’s just another dude out there making music, doing his thing, self expression. I have a lot of respect for him because he is a total do-it-yourself kind of person. That is really the only way to make money doing this shit these days.

Your have released your second album. How did you work on it ? What are the differences between this one and the previous one Our music is a secret order ?

I won’t say too much about how I worked on it, but I primarily use Logic and Ableton as my sequencers/arrangers. Sounds come from all  sorts of synths and drum machines, virtual and hardware. And I play everything, step sequencing is very anti-flow to me. With Future thought I tried to focus on the dance floor a bit more, but keeping it deep, emotional and psychedelic at the same time. Music is an opportunity for my deeper feelings to come out, so it will always have that feel i think.

What do you plan for 2010 ?

Who knows, obviously making more music. I’m throwing around the idea of doing some releases under my own imprint, although that might mean I need to be less secret. Maybe I’ll get booked for a gig in europe =)

What do you hope for the future ?

That humanity doesn’t fuck itself.

Jason Fine – Future tought (kontra musik)
Jason Fine – Future tought remixed (kontra musik)

Jason Fine [bptchk! 012]

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