[En] Sleeparchive’s playlist + interview

Sleeparchive playlist

Bleepest techno artist Sleeparchive is back with a new 12″ entitled Hadron. A good occasion to hear from him through an interview and a selection of eclectic records including rock, electro, dubstep, jazz, electronica, and hip-hop.

What kind of records do you buy and how many each months ?

I buy records all around the world. From mailorders or direct from the artist. In Berlin I buy my records at Hardwax, Staalplaat and lately I spent all my money at Rumpsti Pumsti. Some month I buy 20 records, another month i buy only one. These days I buy mainly dubstep, noise and shoegazer related stuff.

How did you make your selection for Boing Poum Tchak! ?

I just named the first 10 records that came to my mind. I could list like 1000 records more I like the same.

You don’t want to play dj one day ?

No. As a dj you need to play music people like. I prefer to play what I like and hope the people like it. So I still prefer playing live.

Minimal (techno / house / micro / bleep /…) is in decline since a while. How do you feel that and does it influence something for your music ?

No idea. For a year or so I don’t follow it at all. It’s not my cup of tea these days. It’s all way too nice and funny for me.

Do you plan to change your name to launch a new musical project ? Or will you stay “bleeps-with-no-melodies” forever ?

I still do music under different names. Sleeparchive is for the more or less bleep stuff. Perhaps I would release other music as Sleeparchive some day. But it will be without melodies for sure.

Can you tell us some words about your new release entitled Hadron ?

It’s like always just a collection of tracks I did over the years. One of the tracks is 3 years old. The first track on the a side is 3 month old. If tracks fit I release them. It’s not that I always release with the newest music I make.

What has changed (for you, and the way you feel the music around you) since the first Sleeparchive record (Elephant island in 2004) ?

Not much. I think I was more interested in techno when I started to release under the name Sleeparchive than today.

Your plans for 2008 ?

Some records, some tapes, not so many remixes… like always.


spastic colon

Spastic Colon – Post expulsion euphoria (tronicks / ground fault / rrr)

From all the tracks on the California box set this is my favourite.

Der Zyklus

Der Zyklus – Cherenkov radiation (frustrated funk)

If he releases something it is always in my charts till something new comes out.


Prurient – Shipwrecker’s diary (ground fault)

I don’t buy his stuff blind because I don’t like everything he does. This is my favourite release by him and for a few weeks I listened to it more than twice a day.


Scuba – A mutual antipahty (hotflush)

Very simple melodies and all over not that dark but I’m really into it. Reminds my of some good old electronica stuff I bought years ago.

Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips + R.H.Y. Yau – Illusion is a natural condition (auscultare research)

Great artwork, great label, fantastic release.


Revolver – Baby’s angry (caroline)

Classic. Every tracks on that album give me goose bumps.


SP:MC – Trust nobody (tempa)

Great, great, great, great release on the amazing tempa label. Reminds me a lot of random trio which is one of my favorites when it comes to dubstep.


Starflyer 59 – Silver (tooth & nail)

Found out about that band a few weeks ago. Is it also a classic… I don’t know. For me it will be a classic in 5 years !

These new puritans

These New Puritans – Beat pyramid (domino)

Big hype, but for a good reason I would say. My favourite track is mkk3. But this track is like the concert they played in Berlin – far too short !


Despot – Tracks on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/despotroast)

I really hope the album will be released soon. “Homesickness” and “Crap artists” are pure gold.

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