[U] behind a lovely thing II [bptchk! 010]

March 1st, 2009 by Pierre-Nicolas Mader

[behind a lovely thing 2 – bptchk! 010]

I Westen – Hdr-remix by AG Penthouse feat. C&P (~scape)
II Lusine Icl – On the line (hymen)
III Tattamax – Cipher (skam)
IV Yasume – Wakare (miasmah)
V Arovane – Minth (city centre offices)
VI Del Wire – Tema del w. (nacopajaz’)
VII Climax Golden Twins – Hobbes theme (milan)
VIII 833-45 – 11075 khz (autoplate)
IX Boards of Canada – Powerline misfortune (music70)
X Bauri – Hertsi kort (sutemos)
XI Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players – It’s thunder (~scape)
XII Monolake – Ping (monolake / ICM)
XIII Ceptual – 1st shadow sweep (miasmah)
XIV Fennesz / Sakamoto – Mono (touch)
XV Twile – Spanish cruiser (autoplate)
XVI Ten and Tracer – We were as fruit a tamarind (rope swing cities)
XVII Milenasong – Love will appear (monika entreprise)

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  1. dav.ID

    Joli track list!! Ça va faire du bien de se mettre ça dans les oreilles après le numéro 1.

  2. xavier

    scape, skam, miasmah, touch, CCO, boards, bauri, monolake… que du beau monde!

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