[En] I dream of wires (documentary)

One of the most exciting documentary about modular synths and passion for them from crazy nerds and mad lovers needs your help. Previously known as Modular, the documentary, I dream of wires has received so much enthusiasm from its first promo trailler broadcasted on Youtube, and in synths forums, that the people involved behind have decided to extend the production of it. It should be 90 – 120 minutes + bonus, planned for the end of 2012, in DVD.

Now to complete the project, they need to find 30,000 $ (about 22,000 €). A good idea to rise money on interesting (and big) projects is to ask people to participate through funding platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo. And it’s on IndieGoGo, that director of I dream of wires Robert Fantinatto has decided to ask for help.

It’s very interesting because this is not charity. You invest money (in hope the project works), but it is seen more as a “pre-order” thing. For example if you give 25 $, you’ll received a copy of the DVD when it will be released (incl. international postage). Then you have more “packages”, and more you give money, more you’ll received stuff : extra bonus like stickers, cds, t-shirts, limited box-set, your “executive producer screen credit”, etc.

So, if you are interested in the project like me, please make a “pre-order donation”. Honestly, I’ve sent 25 $ (about 18 €) to get a copy of this DVD when it’s out, because it’s a nice project, and also cause I’m a fan of big buttons, weird machines, strange bleeps and noises, and people who spend crazy money on them to tweek and plug them for hours and hours. It deserves the support of the electronic music lovers / community !

All the informations about I dream of wires and how to contribute are :



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