[En] Playlist Poum Tchak! – June 08

June 21st, 2008 by Pierre-Nicolas Mader

Boing Poum Tchak!‘s favorite tracks. It’s summer time, yeah…

break sl

Break SL – Witness (philpot)


Woaw woaw woaw… This music is simply amazing. Deep, soft and beautiful. Witness is the track of the month. (edit : Note of Sebastian aka Break SL : the secret about this track is, that its name is “Be strong”, it’s because of the labels were wrongly clued inverted).

roland appel

Roland Appel – Angel (sonar kollektiv)


Fantastic post new-age atmosphere. The vocals by Kathy Diamond are staggering like the spook of a ghost. Woowooooh…


Bvdub – Dreams of red chambers (quietus)


Brock Van Wey is a master for creating unique deep-ambiant sounds like no one else in his vein. Here he composed four soothing tracks with chinese influences. Great.

luke vibert

Vibert / Simmonds – Room 28 rap (rephlex)


New album of Luke Vibert with historic partner Simmonds on Rephlex (they worked together in 1994). Really interesting piece for the people who already knows Rephlex and Vibert’s works… and for the others of course.

toby tobias I:cube

Toby Tobias – The feeling – I:Cube remix (rekids)


Another jewel from the brilliant I:Cube. Instantly, you can recognize his personal, soft-disco (close to Metro Area) and elegant touch.

alter ego joakim

Alter Ego – Why not?! – Joakim remix (klang)


Maybe a new opportunity to listen to the misunderstood Alter Ego’s Why not?! album again ? Here, a bunch of great remixers (Carl Craig, Modeselektor, Supermayer, Adam Sky) have re-worked some tracks of the unfortunate LP. The Joakim version keep the mad feelings of the original Why not ?! with new acoustic drums, weird fx’s, and make the track a bit more dumb.

spicy cunt

Keatch n Gehts Noch – Call it love (spicy cunt)


New parisian label presents brand new artists from France. In the vein of Institubes, Ed Banger, Boys Noise… A lot of energy, glitch, cuts, and big synths. Welcome to the french touch 2.1.

tobias schmidt

Tobias Schmidt – Taking liberties (seed)


From London, this second compilation of Seed Records has a lot of things to please. An eclectic selection (noise, techno, dub, folk, punk…), some interesting artists (Legowelt, Alexander Robotnik, dDamage, Neil Landstrumm), some really good newcomers, and a very nice booklet (for the cd version) ! Check it out !


Zzzzra – Berceuse (Ornithopter)


A new dub-ambiant label. On this compilation, french Zzzzra told us a incredible journey in your mind, during eleven minutes. A cool tip if you like daydreamings.

Tomasz Bednarczyk

Tomasz Bednarczyk – Summer feelings (Room40)


Polish Tomasz Bednarczyk has composed some very nice minimalist piano-ambiant stuff. Relaxing.


  1. Steve

    So the track is actually called “Witness” and was mislabeled as “Be Strong”?

  2. Pierre-Nicolas

    No, the track we like, which we can hear on this playlist, is “Be Strong” (the original name) and not “Witness” (the mislabeled name). But for everybody, the name of this track is “Witness”.

    For example, look at the tracklist of the Coast to Coast compilation, “Be strong” is tracklisted, and it’s not the same track we hear on this playlist :


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