[En] 5 free tracks

free stuff

Download for free five legal tracks from various artists.

will saul tam cooper phonique remix

In order to introduce people in their new digital shop, boss of Simple records Will Saul offers a free mp3 from his last release : Will Saul & Tam Cooper – Tech noir (Phonique remix) here

hercules and love affair

Don’t know yet the newcomers from DFA ? Well pick up their Hercules’ theme if you like new-disco here

apendics shuffle

Composed in 2002, Eight frozen modules is now available for free on the Apendics Shuffle’s myspace page. Eperimental-soulvox-booty. Kind of “when Jamie Lidell and the Lex crew sign a bootleg on Skam records”.

justin martin buzzin fly

Buzzin’ Fly are giving away a free unreleased deep-house Justin Martin track to celebrate the release of the 3CD compilation 5 Golden Years In The Wilderness here

chris herbert

The best gift to finish. About 43 minutes of live ambiant improvised by the great Chris Herbert. Beautiful landscapes, dreamy, noisy, and very relaxing. Enjoy the trip which starts here

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