[En] News : Carl Craig, Justice, Sleeparchive, The End, DNTEL…

Carl Craig - The wire blindtest

Unedited transcript from Carl Craig’s Jukebox interview on The Wire website

A really good nourishing interview with the top of the tops Detroit legend C2 !


Justice - Stress video clip

Justice : controversy about their new video clip

The ultra-violent video clip of Stress directed by the french Kourtrajmé crew is an interrogation for a lot of people. What is the meaning of this video about a journey with very tough young guys from suburbs, fucking up all the things and guys they meet ? And you, what’s your opinion about it ?


The End - Dj Marky podcast - Recommands vol 2

New free music download from The End club website

Two new candy things to download for free this week. The second volume of The End recommands, including some quality stuff :

1 – Mlle Caro and Franck Garcia: Always You [Ben Watt Radio Edit] (Buzzin’ Fly)
2 – Luke Solomon: People, Places, Thoughts and Faces [Ajello remix] (Rekids)
3 – Two Armadillos: Track 5 (Four:Twenty)
4 – Sebo K: Far Out (Mobilee)
5 – Raudive: Needles [Steve Bug remix] (Poker Flat)
6 – Fairmont: Fade and Saturate (Border Community)
7 – Dirt Crew: Mindforce (Dirt Crew Recordings)
8 – Joel Mull: The Walk (Cocoon)
9 – The Dose: I Am Your Door (Fumakilla)
10 – Layo & Bushwacka!: Things Change [Deep Mix] (Olmeto)

+ The second Podcast of dj Marky recorded at the springfesival launch party on 28th March.


Sleeparchive video live at Bloc Weekender

Sleeparchive : live video filmed at the Bloc Weekender 2008 (UK / March 2008)

Tududu-tududu, glup glup, bip-bleep, tuuuuuut, tuuuuut…

Part 1

Part 2


Pick up new free tracks from DNTEL

He explains about it : “I did a couple covers for some reason just lately so i’ve packaged them together for free on my website in the AUDIO DOWNLOADS section of the Dntel page, just click on COVERS 2 7″ (the first Covers 7” is made of real vinyl, released on Plug Research under the James Figurine name). One is of Kix’s “Don’t Close Your Eyes” and the other’s of Psychic TV’s “The Orchids”. + some other music here :


For our french compatriotes, il ne reste plus que quelques jours pour tenter de gagner une double compilation Sonar Kollektiv ! Alors vite, on se dépêche avant qu’il ne soit trop tard…


6 thoughts on “[En] News : Carl Craig, Justice, Sleeparchive, The End, DNTEL…

  1. “Tududu-tududu, glup glup, bip-bleep, tuuuuuut, tuuuuut… ”


  2. That Justice video bothered me quite a lot. It totally glamourises that kind of gang lifestyle. Those kids should have all burned in a big fireball with that car. Then the message would be clear.

  3. @Langer
    I think this video does not glamourise this lifestyle but stigmatise people from suburbs and is a way to make the viewer really racist. This clip really aims to spread hate into our society, it’s a shame !

  4. I can’t get into this type of propaganda. I really could never understand why we can’t all just get along. Racism and reverse racism are prevalent enough in our society… why do videos like this have to propagate hate? I guess we can only do what we can do as individuals.

  5. Is this video blocked from youtube, i didn’t think it was-its good that this is brought into the media limelight. Exposing what can result from videos such as this, the implications it has on society and the message it portrays itself to be.